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Trainer Log

发行商: Viacheslav Romanenko
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"Trainer Log" application will be a good assistant to the coach. "Trainer Log" will allow you to record attendance, analyze progress and expand the opportunities for communicating with your students.
* Create any number of study groups. Note your students visit. 'Attended' is confirmed by a corresponding symbol on a green background. When 'Finance' mode is on, with the existing payment debt, the 'Attended' symbol is displayed on the background of corresponding topic. If necessary edit training groups (change the group name, delete the group, delete a group member and transfer students from one group to another).
* Assess the progress of your students by choosing one out of five points (from the best mark to the worst.) The proposed evaluation criteria are presented as a sample and can be changed, supplemented or disabled by the user.
* List of students is presented in alphabetical order. Use search for required athlete according to name and surname. Look through the information about attendance and absence of the students. Save necessary contact information for sending reports on the progress in training. Add and delete certain classes if needed. View and edit information about a certain lesson, share the progress report, both for a certain lesson and series of classes.
* Create a schedule separately for each group, choose day of the week and time of the session. Schedule of the training groups allows to: create more detailed report on academic progress.
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