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Logo Builder App lets you quickly create your own business logos for letterheads, flyers, business cards, websites and more with ease.

> Select background. Use transparent or one of the many colored backgrounds built into the app. Or use the camera or your own photo library for the background image.
> Easily add logo elements and designs.
> Add text and format font, outlines, and text color.
> Includes full suite of photo effects. Apply filters, adjust brightness and contrast, tonal curve and more.
> Save and share your creations.

Logo Builder App is perfect for the fast paced professional on the go. Great for professionals, home based businesses or consultants.

> Save time by easily creating logos on your mobile device.
> Save money by creating professional looking logos without having to hire expensive design houses.
> Get your logo when you want it instead of having to wait for designers.
> Pay once and create as many logos as you want. Save to your camera roll or email to your computer.

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