Love Shores: California Story

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Choose your own path full of drama, romance, and love in this thrilling visual romance novel set in Laguna Beach, California.

Live your beach fantasy! Experience a romantic rollercoaster on the shores of California, as you juggle love, romance, friendships, and career. Every choice shapes the story of your dating life. Only your decisions will define the ending. Will you change the flighty ways of a commitment-phobe? Will you take a leap of faith with the guy next door? Or will you enjoy single life with your besties?

Choose wisely to unlock secret gossip, drama, and confessions of all the characters you meet. Illustrations of key moments can be unlocked by making the right choices. After all, you don’t have to leave everything to the imagination.

This visual novel features:

• An interactive branching story with lots of twists
• Lots of unique characters to date or befriend
• Different endings to strive for
• Secret conversations to gossip about
• Collectible illustrations of passionate moments
• Decorations for your apartment

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