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Love Stories: Episode Choice

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Make your own romance episodes now! Love Stories is a highly interactive story game featuring the surprising and exciting episodess. You can meet More than 10+ types stories here, include:romance games, vampire stories, lgbt episodes, taboo games, bdsm games...

Jucier stories and less load time! Just customize your character and participate in the interactive story, experience your story, your way, where you control what happens next!

Choose your story, choose your path, choose your life. What you can expect with Love Stories:

• Exclusive collection of chapters interactive stories
• Choose your own story from our constantly growing library
• Character customization:Customize your main character, including your skin, hairstyle, and outfit!
• Romanticize your favorite characters
• Fall in love, solve mysteries and embark on epic fantasy adventures
• Control what happens next in immersive visual stories!

You’ll love making choices in this interactive story game! The chapter game lets you choose your path in every story. You will be part of romantic stories and you’ll be able to make choices to create your own story. Every choice you made will lead to different endings. The story is created by YOU, and only belongs to YOU!

Our most popular interactive stories include:

Unmasking desires: After being fired and dumped, you head to a BDSM club to explore your kinks. When the masks come off, you discover he’s your new boss…
Earned it: One fun night full of passion with a hot stranger sounded like a great idea until you join office the next day only to find out the hot stranger is your difficult new client and your new boss.
My bodyguard: As the heiress of a billion dollar empire, your life is as enchanted as anyone imagine it would be. At 20-years-old, you're engaged to your best friend, with your whole bright future laid ahead of you. What happens when you risk it all for a fleeting sense of freedom, unexpected romance, and heated passion?
Oblivion - You and Abby were attracted to each other by chance encounter. However, a major company accident happened suddenly. They have suspicions and doubts about each other, what will their relationship be like....
You me him: Life seems perfect for you, a decent job and a rich boyfriend. But when the handsome model comes to your life, you find yourself facing a dilemma, which one you should choose or a threeway?

Our newest update, juicier stories and more romance episodes:

50 Fake Dates: Three young adults suddenly get involved with each other and their complicated feelings. You are going to face the most difficult choice of your life so far-are you sure you are straight when you meet the perfect girl to live for the rest of your life?

King’s Trap: When you go broke overnight, a lawyer suddenly calls to tell you there is a huge innumerable inheritance waiting for you…more surprisingly you are going to be the queen and choose who can be your King!

Download LOVE STORIES now, your crucial choices will let you discover the stories that you UNEXPECTED. So, be romantic and find true love. Choose, enjoy and live your love story in journeys, the interactive series collection where YOU control the outcome!


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