Lucky Patcher

发行商: khizar Tariq
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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How it works / Rules and Regulations / Terms and Conditions?

1) Prize will be given in the form of "Itunes Gift card" of worth the amount of Item Which is win.

2) Lucky Draw will be taken place after every 3 days by a "Random software program" at "5 PM (UTC+00:00). 3 Lucky winners will get notification from the application, and there reward will be sent to there ID within 2 business days.

3) Type your In-Game user ID very carefully as you will not able to submit multiple entries.

4) Try to choose less amount of resources , The more you choose the less number of entries you got.

Please Note:-
1)Apple is not involved in any way with this contest.
1) "Companies created these games" are not involved in any way with this contest.
2) We reserve the rights to cancel the prize , if we found the winner guilty of cheating by any mean like submitting multiple entries by hook or crook , we can cancel the reward without explaining reason to the winner.
3) If there is public holiday on the time of lucky draw , there will be delay in the final results announcements.
4) We reserve the rights to cancel the lucky draw , if there will be very few users i.e (less than 9999) participated in the lucky draw.

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