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LUTS Uro App

发行商: Monkeybizniz
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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The Luts Uro app has been developed to support children of 6 years and up with bladder and bowel dysfunction.

* The use of this app without the guidance of a healthcare professional is not recommended *

How does it work?

You are not the only one: there are many children with bladder problems. Sometimes these problems are so difficult that you cannot solve them on your own.

This app can assist you by showing you how to wee properly; how to relax so you can empty your bladder completely. The app also helps you keep track of how many times you weed and if you drink enough during the day.

Using animations, the LUTS Uro app will show you how your bladder works, reasons for having bladder problems and it will explain you how you can manage to stay dry.
There are also videos that show how to wee, how often to wee and when you have to wee. If you understand how your bladder acts, you can train you bladder to behave.

Fun way to learn
The app also has small games and quizzez so kids can actively test their knowledge and earn coins to spend in the Luts shop and customize your character.
And if you keep track of your wee and drink behavior, you earn even more coins .

* A small number of children have an underlying medical reason for wetting themselves. Children who struggle to keep dry in the daytime should always be checked out by a doctor to rule out underlying medical causes! *

There is a range of treatments available depending on underlying type and cause of incontinence including medication, laxatives, bed wetting alarms and other specialist treatments.

This app is developed by Monkeybizniz in collaboration with the urotherapy department of the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht Netherlands .


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