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M Malls

发行商: NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Stay up-to-date on the latest promotions, events & deals with M Malls ­– A lifestyle app that rewards you with Loyalty Points as you spend. Redeem Deals, Flash Deals, E-Vouchers and Carpark Credits to enhance your shopping experience at our Malls. (AMK Hub, Jurong Point, Swing By @ Thomson Plaza)

• Discover the latest promotions, events, deals, vouchers & member perks
• One wallet access to loyalty points, deals, vouchers, and carpark credits
• Redeem deals, flash deals, vouchers and carpark credits with points or a combination of points + SGD
• Purchase vouchers with credit/debit card
• Earn points and use vouchers instantly in-store
• Game chances to win exciting prizes
• Check our mall's carpark lot availability
• Keep track of all your transactions
• Get updates to your membership
• Enjoy accelerated M Points earnings if you are an NTUC member
• Download Whatsapp & Telegram stickers
• Participate in lucky draws

Download M Malls to discover a whole new world of shopping experience curated specially for you.


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141 条评价

One of the worst shopping app.

Look at Capital mall apps. It’s so easy. Bring Home the receipts and scan at your own time. Why is it that we need to scan at the outlet?These period to minimise contact is important but even if it not the period to do so, it still easier to do at home. The time spend to wait in queue to buy and to scan is time consuming. Imagine some who do not know how to operate the apps and the Sales staff also does not know how to do so. Please do a survey yourself. Go down and shop and scan and come back with the data and the time spend doing that. These time would be good for customers to shop and buy more. The apps suppose to simplify the process and not make the process harder and difficult to use. Customer feedbacks here is enough to show you a that the apps is not working. You get angry distracted customers with the app, not happy satisfied shoppers. One star is all I can think of for your marketing department.


Promotion of $200 evoucher for $160

Was very unhappy with the recent promotion of paying $160 for $200 evoucher via M mall apps. My credit card was deducted $160 on that day but the $200 evoucher was not credited at all. After several email correspondence with management, they cancel my purchase without any valid reason and refund $160 to my credit card.


Great deal for voucher

I love the app to provide good deal for vouchers during COVID-19.My dollars is stretched during festive season


Pls allow receipt scanning.

Pls allow receipt scanning.


Cannot even register account

Cannot even register account, no OTP generated after multiple tries


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