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Create a route with multiple waypoints with a few clicks. Importing GPX files is also supported.

Light-weight navigator:
The essence of the app is to allow navigation on your watch. The light-weight navigator included in the app is very basic. It is not intended to be a replacement for full-featured mobile navigation apps, such as Google Maps or the pre-installed Maps app. Being light-weight means, for example, that it does not let you save offline maps and it does not recalculate routes automatically when you go off-course. In comparison to those full-featured apps, it will be better for your battery life. And, of course, it will allow you to navigate GPX files and all other possibilities which are offered in the route planning screen.

If you have a Garmin smartwatch / activity tracker, this app is compatible with:

- Maps r.485
- Outdoor Master
- Maps + Activity
- Route Planner
- Directions r.485
- Navi r.485
- Waypoints and routes
- Public Transport
- My Places
- Address widget
- World Clock Widget
- Charts
- Color Notes
- To-do widget
- Nine data field
- And more!!!!

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