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Are you dreaming of:
- riding a big and heavy cruiser?
- travel to Alaska on your touring bike?
- riding a sport bike as a track day enthusiast?..
No matter what exactly - in Canada getting your motorcycle license starts from passing a knowledge test (M1 license in Ontario, learner license etc - different names for the same thing).

This app will help you get your written test done. It focuses strictly on motorcycle-related questions (don't waste time on basics of driving theory!) for the exam and covers all the important information from Motorcycle Handbook. Check yourself or learn faster with quizzes.

Why do you need this app? You either already spent or planning to spend money to pay exam fees or motorcycle courses fees, right? So, for a tiny bit of that sum this app will help you to speed up your preparation and to make sure that you will be able to extract everything from fees paid.

- 180 questions for a motorcycle knowledge test.
- Randomly generated quizzes or questions one by one.
- At every session in random mode AI-like algorithm focuses on particular, most important questions.
- Quiz capacity is optimized for fastest tuition (provides better memorizing results in 17.6% of cases; but can be changed in Settings though).
- Reviewing included comments for the most complicated/tricky questions
- Practical advice and handling techniques from the best riding instructors.

Go for it! Live free, ride safe!



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