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Magic Caliper

发行商: Stephen Churchill
价格: 18.99 USD


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This app requires the MAG-ic Probe BLE thickness caliper from MAG-ic Technologies at

Using this app you can connect to the MAG-ic Probe thickness caliper and view measurements on your iPhone or iPad in millimetres or thousands of an inch. It can also create a log file of a series of points for mapping onto an image offline.

After opening the app will automatically try to connect to the MAG-ic Probe and initiate the calibration sequence. Once completed the measurement will be displayed until power is removed from the MAG0ic Probe or the app is closed

1. Open the Magic Caliper application.
2. Connect power, or reset power, to your MAG-ic Probe.
3. Follow the instructions on screen to calibrate (save time by attached the magnet when you power on the MAG-ic Probe), works with both the accompanying spherical and cylindrical magnets.
4. Begin measuring!

- This app does not implement the low-level calibration or interpret the data from the MAG-ic Probe, those functions are internal to MAG-ic Probe. The app provides a way to access those functions and the reported data via Bluetooth Low Energy on your device.

 - The app can log values to a text ('.csv') file. This file is accessible by the Apple 'Files' app and can be used in conjunction with the desktop software from MAG-ic Probe.
- The app supports landscape orientation with a larger font so you can view the measurements from a distance
- The app can display in mm or inches (mil) by toggling the switch at the top of the screen
- The app will display either a cylinder or sphere in the top left corner depending on what magnet you use when going through the calibration steps
- The display includes a sliding bar that shows you the relative distances from zero until the end the range based on the magnet used
- Once measuring, the app will keep prevent the screen from sleeping so that you can view the measurements hands free
- You can navigate away or minimize the app and return during the measurement process
- If the signal is interrupted from the probe or the probe has power removed a notice will appear indicating loss of connection and reset the application back to the start.
- The firmware version of the Probe will be displayed in grey at the bottom of the screen once connected. Please reference the firmware version in any bug reports

How to use the App:
After power on the MAG-ic probe requires a calibration sequence. The App will guide you through the process. This is the process the App will take you through to connect and take measurements:

1. Open the app and then either apply power or remove and apply power to the MAG-ic Probe. The Probe will only connect to the app for a few seconds after power on.
2. The app will prompt you to attach a magnet to the probe. If one is already attached it will automatically start the calibration process. Otherwise attach the magnet as instructed.
3. A progress bar will show the remaining to complete calibration. The duration is about 8-10 seconds.
4. A prompt will appear to remove the magnet. Remove the magnet and hold at least 30cm/12" away. A progress bar will count down again. The duration is about 8-10 seconds.
5. The screen will transition to the measurement screen, measurements are provided about every 1/10th of a second from the MAG-ic Probe.

Bug Reporting:
- Version 1.0 was developed with MAG-ic Probe Firmware 1.1.0.  
- Please help me make this app better. If you discover an issue or have any problems, contact the email in the information section of the app (click on the 'i' symbol on the top right of the app screen.

Happy Measuring!


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