Mahjong Zen: Classic Chinese Board Game

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Mahjong was one of the first boardgames ever invented, in 500 BC: It doesn’t get any more traditional than that! It’s a challenging but relaxing game where you match identical tiles in pairs of two, with the objective of cleaning all the board.

Mahjong Zen: Classic Chinese Board Game is perfect for those who like to unwind at the end of the day, with its soothing backgrounds, tranquil music and relaxing yet engaging gameplay.

Improve your logical reasoning, visual memory, coordination and agility while you get your zen on!

Main Features:
*More than 500 boards
*Graphics in HD
*Soothing background music
*Unique sets of stones
*Relaxing gameplay
*Beautiful backgrounds to choose from
*Options of tips, highlight pieces and undo moves
*Complete challenges and earn up to three stars per solved board
*And more!

Play now Mahjong Zen - Classic Chinese Board Game FOR FREE! Have fun with the traditional pastime from the East.

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