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Analyze network traffic and streamline it, while on the move, with NetFlow Analyzer iPhone App. NetFlow Analyzer's iPhone app lets you keep tabs on your LAN & WAN traffic from anywhere, at any time. If you are running NetFlow Analyzer server, you can use this app to access it from your iPhone.

Feature Highlights:

With the NetFlow Analyzer iPhone App, you can view:

-Traffic graphs by device, interface, application, and user.
-Layer4 and layer 7 application IN/OUT traffic.
-Dashboard for top 10 details & create new/rearrange widgets.
-Device summary details.
-Alarms based on severity & time of fault. Also, allowed to acknowledge it.
-Traffic details for device, IP & interface groups.
-Conversation drill down for top source & destination.

The App works with NetFlow Analyzer Version before 11.0 versions and 12.1 and above.

About NetFlow Analyzer: NetFlow Analyzer is network traffic and bandwidth utilization tool to identify which users, applications and protocols are consuming bandwidth. It uses flow technology to collect, analyze and reports on bandwidth consumption and helps to optimize it. It supports various technologies such as Cisco IP SLA, CBQoS, NBAR, WLC etc. to provide enhanced visibility into network faults and helps to troubleshoot faster.

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