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The best offline map for Conan Exiles!

+ High Resolution Map of the world of Conan Exiles
+ Full offline availability
+ Resource map with positions for resources, npcs and enemies
+ Groups & Markers feature

Never get lost in the huge open world of Conan Exiles! Ginfo provides you with a high resolution map of Conan Exiles including the Desert and the Frozen North.
Looking for a specific resource? Ginfo comes with an extensive map of resource locations all over the map. Use the filter to find exactly what you are looking for.

For any questions, or if you feel that we should really have a certain feature in the next version, please contact us:

#Please note - This is not a game!
This is a complimentary utility for the game Conan Exiles.

This app is for non-commercial use only.

© 2017 Funcom Oslo A/S (“Funcom”). All rights reserved. © 2017 Conan Properties International LLC ("CPI"). CONAN, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, HYBORIA, and/or ROBERT E. HOWARD and related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of CPI and/or Robert E. Howard Properties Inc. unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.

The map is a representation of the map used in Conan Exiles ©2017 “Funcom”

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