Marble Classic: Blast & Pop

发行商: Henry Phillips
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价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Experience the magic of Marble Classic with this new MARBLE SHOOT GAME!

This marble shooting game that incorporates color blast puzzle solving skills into a magic quest! Download this marble game free of charge today!

How To Play:

+ Match 3 marbles or more of the same color and create a magic blast to pop those marbles! Collect and use special magic blast powers-ups like the Thunderbolt or Shockwave and blast marbles away on your magical quest!

+ If you’re looking for a free quest game that will relieve stress, This classic is the best game for you. This is a great game to play with friends or as great games for kids.

Play to discover even more outstanding features!
+ Boss levels: will you manage to create a gap and defeat Desmond?
+ Decorate your Garden with magic lantern, flowers, magic mushrooms & more!
+ Spectacular, power-up boosters! Play marble games and unlock them all.
+ Many deluxe powers to discover! Create combos to get amazing power-ups.
+ Amazing game graphics

Thanks every game players! Any suggestion is welcome with Marble Classic

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