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Download MariDeal to explore your islands affordability. Save Big on the best things to do, see and eat in Mauritius! For Mauritian Citizens and Residents Only.
Whether you’re craving to try a new restaurant, in need of a relaxing massage, interested in learning a new language, looking for an adventure or dreaming about a hotel for a tropical getaway, MariDeal has you covered with the best unique local experiences and discounts you could ever wish for.
The best thing about MariDeal app is Instant confirmation, paperless check-in and offline maps, every time you book.
With MariDeal, you can:
Get Full Access to Incredible Deals Near You:

Save up to 60% on 1,000’s of local deals
Save your favorite properties or offers to a list and share them with your family and friends
Find great travel deals at all kinds of amazing properties, not just cheap hotels
Discover the hidden gems including top rated resorts, restaurants, spas gyms & more
Buy, Save and Redeem MariDeal offers directly from your mobile device
Earn Reward Points with each purchase for even greater discounts Keep Things Simple:
Book it! Sign into your account and we’ll autofull your details for faster booking
Track your Booking Confirmations by location and expiration date
Instantly redeem Vouchers for local deals without a hassle
Use apple pay to buy deals with a single touch
As a local marketplace, MariDeal provides you with real-time recommendations for great deals near you. MariDeal takes steps to limit usage of GPS to preserve battery life. That said as with any functionality of this type continues use of GPS running tin the background can drastically reduce battery life. Put down the newspaper and download MariDeal to begin exploring the best that Mauritius has to offer, with unbeatable savings.
After getting the app, sign in to your mariDeal account and pick up where you left off. We sync your bookings, searches and lists to the app.
Download MariDeal’s App NOW
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