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Master Racer: Car Racing 2021

发行商: Game Bee Studio
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Drive your favorite car and win races against opponents to become a racing champion!
Master Racing is the best car race game that brings a pack of fun and challenges. You will be enjoying driving, drifting, and racing in a single game. There are 20+ cars, 25+ tracks, and different modes that keep your interest alive forever. However, this is one of the best arcade racing games for players who love fast car driving and drift racing.
Unleash your driving skills and move your car forward than competitors to win the title. You’ll find a world of challenges, excitement, and arcade fun on your road to the top. Most importantly, this is an excellent car racing game for kids and adults.
Have you ever driven a car to beautiful landmarks?
Have you ever drifted a fast car on a complex track?
Do you want to test your challenging skills?
Everything is going to happen in this racing master game! Just hold the charge and boom!

Install and push the play button to let the action begins. Here are some tips for the game.
• Take controls to move your car according to the map
• Have an eye on the position of opponents
• Use speed-boosters to cover up distance instantly
• Use buttons or tilt device for left and right movement
• Press the brake button long to move your car backward
• Unlock new vehicles and dress them up
• Explore new tracks to double the fun

Mesmerizing environment and excellent HD graphics make it a perfect 3D racing game for iOS. Clean and colorful interface ensures addictive gameplay.

Luxurious cars are waiting for you in the garage. Unlock those cars and roll them on fascinating tracks to have a furious racing experience.
The addition of melodious music is a compelling attribute to keep you engaged. However, the sound effects make the car game more realistic.
The game has simple and intuitive controls. The car will catch the speed automatically, and you need to hold the handle.
Depending on the interest of users, we’ve added three main modes in the game.
Classic Mode: The people who love to play drag race games can enjoy this mode.
V/S Mode: This is somehow an action mode that breaks a racing battle between you and another racer.
Elimination Mode: In this racing mode, you find a mission against multiple opponents. You can judge your competency by fulfilling the challenge in a limited time because the timer is ticking.
With all the attributes and controls, this racing car game allows us to play without an internet connection. Even you don’t need to spend a single penny.

Become the fast car driver and win intensive races against the opponents!

Gamebee Studio LLP. Proudly presents new and updated games, and one of them is Master Racer: The Stunt Car Racing 2021. If you are crazy about a car racing game and want to have a lot of fun with stunning racing and drifting, this new car race game is recommended for you.

We have developed several modes in this driving game. So, let's have an overview of them in our growing and most popular games.

If you face any issue with Master Racer: The Stunt Car Racing 2020, do not feel reluctant to write us in comments or email. We assure your problem will be resolved on a priority basis. Update of this game will be available very soon.
Best of Luck


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