Match Harmony: Win Real Prizes

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This is no ordinary match-3 game! Match Harmony sees you compete against real people to win real cash prizes. Practice your skills for free to take on the competition.

Feel the rhythm and keep in time to clear the board and uncover the music to win big! Complete objectives and race against the clock to defeat your opponent.

Enter the league for guaranteed prizes! Collect tickets and Zs to keep rising up the tiers to become a music matcher master!

Match Harmony features:
Thousands of new challenges available in the practice league
A competitive master league for those who want a challenge
Fast-paced gameplay to get you working under pressure
Explosive gem combos to reward the smartest of players
Earn trophies and prizes as you play
Colour bombs, line bombs

Still think it sounds simple? Why not give it a go? Prove you’re a match-3 master!

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