Match Words to Image for Kids to Learn to Read

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Intended Audience

Match Words To Images for Kids to Learn to Read is intended for youngsters who know the sounds of their letters or have basic phonics knowledge. It provides them first exposure to word recognition in preparation for learning to read.

For Parents

Match Words to Images for Kids to Learn to Read hopes to capture young children's attention with colorful images, crisply printed words, and whimsical animation while learning to associate printed words with images depicting the words. Over 70 common words provide variety to sustain interest.

The Game

When the game begins, the youngster is presented with four pairs of words and images to match. The youngster draws a line with finger on the screen either from the word to the image or from the image to the word to indicate a match. A whimsical animation rewards a correct match. Otherwise, the youngster is gently encouraged to try again. The matched pair goes away. The youngster may choose to shake the device or press a next-arrowbutton for a new set of words and images to match. Kids have fun as they learn to recognize common words for later reading.

Learning concepts
Word Recognition
Image/Word association
Phonetic awareness
Reading readiness
Printed word concept
Vocabulary building


Match Words to Images for Kids to Learn to Read provides a natural sequence for toddlers and youngsters who are preparing themselves to read the English language. The user interface is friendly to very young fingers. This educational game keeps your child’s attention while they practice word recognition, improve finger dexterity, reinforce their knowledge of phonics, and become reading ready. In addition it improves motor skills and sharpens memory. Toddlers and young children are eager to play the game over and over.

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