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Matched - match, flirt, love

发行商: Dmitry Semiryazhko
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone


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Welcome to Matched, an exciting new choice-driven dating simulator with a unique story behind every match!

Matched is a safe space where you’re free to immerse yourself in relationships with interesting characters from all walks of life. There’s always someone special waiting for you to join in on their story - all you have to do is swipe right!

Matched is a relationship simulator with AI-generated photos and videos of characters that give you a more immersive dating experience. Enjoy the diversity of unique characters. Find yourself in the middle of perfect romance!

- Play the field and swipe through tons of profiles in search of your perfect match. You decide who you meet and how far things go…
- Matched lets you be as picky as you want! Talk to multiple matches at once and let them fight for your attention, or focus on the relationship you want to see bloom into something really special.
- Spice up your convos and collect the sexy selfies your matches send your way.
- Relationships are all about choice, and Matched is no different. React to your matches with fun options that express your personality. Give your matches insight into what you do and don’t like so they can rock your world!

What are you waiting for? Start swiping with Matched now!

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