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Maternity is the first app to meditate with baby.

Maternity is the app for serene and fulfilled mums-to-be. To experience pregnancy naturally, in full consciousness and in all serenity.

For all future mums who…
● Don’t want to miss the unique and fleeting moment that is pregnancy
● Are anxious about the idea of becoming a mother
● Are scared of childbirth, afraid that they won’t be able to cope with the pain
● Wish to connect with their baby, to create a secure bond with him before his birth

Let yourself be guided by Maternity’s simple and accessible meditation exercises, brought to you through beneficial audio recordings. Maternity is a life philosophy which involves being present with ourselves as often as possible, in a benevolent and trusting spirit.

The application offers 11 meditation sessions lasting from 8 to 60 min, so more than 4 hours of audio recordings. They apply to each stage of pregnancy, and allow you to explore all its different aspects: creating a bond with your baby, anchoring yourself in the present moment, feeling good during pregnancy, managing your stress better, recharging, overcoming your fear, preparing for pain…

The sessions are relevant throughout pregnancy, so that you can appreciate every moment.

Maternity also includes stimulating and relaxing yoga exercises, especially designed for pregnant women.

The authors, Isabelle Corboz and Myriam Gamba, are both psychotherapists trained in mindfulness. In Lausanne, Switzerland, they run a workshop called “Well in your pregnancy”, which is increasingly popular with expectant mothers.

Purchasing Maternity gives you access to the entire contents of the application, without restriction.

Maternity is a new application in the series published by La Belle Idée, following on from Et Voilà! Menus de fête and My Mental Training Pro.
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