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MathHammer 40K & Kill Team

发行商: Jake Noble
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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By using MathHammer 40K you get perfect target prioritization in one click, for your whole army.

MathHammer 40K calculates the outcome of your dice rolls and determines the average final outcome.

This enables Warhammer 40K and Kill Team players to determine how well one unit will perform against another unit on average. Using this information before (or during a game) you can always select the best target for each of your units.

Key benefits;

- Quickly input and save attacker and defender profiles
- Including multiple weapons to see the full damage output of a single unit instantly
- Get instant results for your saved profiles
- Full profile analysis in one click
- See "Return on Investment" based on attacker and defender points value
- Full support for re-rolls, modifiers, exploding 6s and much more

Available inputs;

- Shots
- Ballistic Skill
- Weapon Strength
- Weapon AP
- Weapon Damage
- Target Toughness
- Target Wounds
- Target Armour Save
- Target Invulnerable Save
- Points for "Return on Investment"

Special rules and abilities can also be taken into account to ensure your results are accurate;

- Failed Wound and Hit re-rolls
- Modified (positive and negative) Wound and Hit rolls
- Mortal Wounds on a specific wound roll
- Extra Damage on a Wound of 6+
- Quantum Shielding
- Serpent Shield
- (More) Dakka Dakka
- Haywire
- Salamanders
- Tesla style "Exploding Sixes"
- "Feel No Pain" style saves
- Save and Invulnerable Save re-rolls

You can toggle Kill Team output on and off. When switched on, your results will show you the percentage chance of a successful OOA Roll - if the enemy model was killed.

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No in-app purchases.


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