Stars of Aroha

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Stars of Aroha New Zealand Mindfulness & Meditation
New Zealand mindfulness encourages relaxation and peace through indigenous
inspired guided meditations.

Stars of Aroha is fast becoming New Zealand’s #1 bi-cultural mindfulness meditation app

Stars of Aroha is the app that helps to identify and bring peace to hidden tensions. What could be going on just below the surface of your mind? Is something bugging you but you can’t quite put your finger on it? This New Zealand mindfulness approach uses guided meditation (enriched with the ancient wisdom held within indigenous Māori creation stories, the landscape, native plants, birds and butterflies) to help focus and calm the mind. Mindfulness helps to create a more relaxed state of mind. Affirmations encourage self-love, acceptance and peace. Guided meditations (20 personal-development themes) can be randomly selected by the “shake device” method. This app is great for beginners as well as more experienced meditators.

* Includes map of New Zealand; 20 meditation sites; local tourist information;
meditation alert feature
* Mindfulness approach developed in New Zealand by Stars of Aroha®
* Can be used daily or as required to help calm and relax the mind
* Each guided meditation is set in one of 20 beautiful New Zealand’s landscapes
* Meditations are self-selected or randomly chosen via “shake device method”
* “Shake device method” simulates the Rolling Star random selection method (see
*Option to listen or read meditations
*NZ nature music soundtracks; ocean, forest, birdsong.

Guided meditations vary slightly in length but average between 5-10 minutes. Relaxation can be extended by listening to NZ nature soundtracks (ocean, forest, birdsong).

Stars of Aroha meditation themes:
- Draws on ancient Māori wisdom
- Helps uncover tensions & stress areas
- Inspired to help open and heal the heart
- Inspired to bring greater love to self and others
- Helps reconnect meditator with nature & natural landscape
- Helps enhance communication
- Helps release attachments
- Encourages forgiveness
- Inspires wisdom
- Encourages sharing wisdom with others
- Supports healing the ‘self’
- Uses universal spiritual themes
- Encourages the release of anger and resentment
- Encourages moving forward with life
- Celebrates transformation and growth.

Stars of Aroha app also features:
Luna’s Lullaby; Approx. 28 mins.

Luna’s Lullaby is a children’s relaxation soundtrack by Stars of Aroha®.

Luna’s Lullaby is a New Zealand bi-cultural relaxation-sleep story for children over 2 years. This relaxation soundtrack is great for ‘mat time’ or before bed. Children will enjoy listening to Aotearoa New Zealand (the land) calling her tired children home to sleep. Their minds will relax as they focus on the sound made by horses, sheep, cows, dogs, bumble bees, insects, birds and sea life as they run, fly, jump, swim and skip their way home. The soundtrack begins at an invigorating pace then slowly softens in speed and tone. The soundtrack was developed for Luna, a much loved granddaughter. Ironically, the name ‘Luna’ means ‘Goddess of the moon’.

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