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发行商: Grassapper LLC
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Quickly and easily add funny captions to your favorite popular images or your own photos and share with your family and friends!

It's super fast and simple: With just a few taps you can add captions to any picture and customize their text size, color, location, and font style. When you're all done, just share them with your friends!

We have included 200+ stock photos from 9 different categories to help get you started.

Some popular images included are:

- "Bad Luck Brian"
- "Aint nobody got time for that"
- History Channels "Aliens" guy
- And many many new meme's just added!

Share all your new creations with your family and friends right from the app. Just upload to Facebook or Twitter within seconds - it's super easy!

Memes can also be saved to your gallery and shared on email and text as well.

Enjoy! :)

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