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educational kids games for 2 to 3 years old

发行商: Sarawut Chakit
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Educational games for preschoolers Learning Activities for Early Childhood To develop children to desirable characteristics according to the standards of early childhood education. And focus on intelligence or thinking to children. Educational games are of many types. There are different styles and ways to play. One of the important things that can help promote a child's mind is Educational games should have questions that encourage children to think. Because of the nature of the child is always curious. And when the child is stimulated with questions, this is a good stimulus. Motivate children to learn behavior. And develop the thought potential that children have in themselves. Make your way up to the maximum. Educational games are suitable for early childhood and play fun. There is a process of playing media based on the type of games of different types. To achieve learning and thinking about what to learn. Children can play alone and play in groups. Educational games suitable for 3-5 year olds.

Game Features
- English alphabet learning game
- Cartoon Coloring Book Game
- Match the picture with the shadow.
- Learn the sounds of animals.


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