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Meng Loft

发行商: Administration de l'environnement
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Meng Loft is the official air quality mobile application of the Environment Agency in Luxembourg (The Luxembourg Government - Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure - Department of the Environment).

Meng Loft provides a variety of useful information for people interested in the air quality in Luxembourg:
• Check the latest air quality data, illustrated using Luxembourg's official Air Quality Index (AQI).
• Get the AQI according to your geo-localization.
• Get specific recommendations for sport and health according to the current AQI. The recommendations are targeted to both sensitive or more vulnerable population and general public.
• Check the latest air quality status at all stations on a map or through a list.
• Check the AQI and main pollutants tendency for ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and airborne particulate (PM10) at station level.
• Read the sections “about air quality” and “health and advices” for further information about the pollutants and their effects.
• Share air quality information on Twitter, Facebook or just e-mail it to a friend.
• Receive 3 types of notification during ozone episode: [!new!]

• The air quality bulletin that provides informations on recent levels and forecast for the coming days.
• The short-term action (national disposition). In case of exceedance of the pre-information threshold (160 µg/m3), it’s asked to the CITA to limit the speed on the motorway at 90km/h.
• The alert and information announcements related to the exceedance of the EU information (180 µg/m3) and alert (240 µg/m3) thresholds. These announcements contains also precautions for sensitive persons and behavior advices.

• Receive also notifications for the stations on the measuring network. A notification will be sent when any particular station exceeds the choosen index (choice available for index between 6 and 10). You will receive another notification when air quality levels improve (index below 6) [!new!]
• Furthermore, you will receive notifications in case of forecasted maintenance or technical problem that had negative impact on “Meng Loft” [!new!]
• Configure to your needs the different notification types via “Notification settings” and access to the new notifications with “Notification list” [!new!]

New functions
• A notification service including 2 new sections: “Notification settings” & “List of notification”.
• The “Notification settings” allows the user to sign up for “Official AEV Alerts”, “Index notifications” and “App maintenance”.
• The “Notification list” provides access to all received notifications.
• Some Updates/Corrections: The new logo of MECDD, improvements on calculation of the global air quality index, addition of “cache” to minimize data download and some minor bugs fixing to improve the usage of Meng Loft.


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