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Free food delivery from restaurants of Kiev! Download the app and order delivery of pizza, sushi, burger, khinkali and many other dishes in several touches. Watch the status of your food delivery and repeat your orders with one touch.
Don’t litter your phone with dozens of restaurant application, simply install
Why use

•         free delivery
•         we deliver food from 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM
•         more than 100 restaurants of the capital
•         promotions and discounts up to 50%
•         pay online or with cash
•         online delivery status
•         support center: we are here to help online or on phone

Our team of developers has made the application as convenient as possible and intuitive. For that, we implemented additional features for ordering food, which will help you fight the hunger:

•         easily search for restaurants and food
•         rating based on reviews of real users
•         find your favorite restaurants in one section
•         loyalty program: bonuses for you and your friends
•         repeat your orders fast

And the nicest couriers who deliver joy every day in every weather :) is a food delivery service in Ukraine, which is a part of an international company Menu Group which has projects in Armenia, Georgia, and Belarus. Menu Group was established in 2012 and its projects are market leaders in each country. Thanks to a strong team, experience and will to create a “dream service” we have already started conquering Ukraine. delivers in Kyiv but develops with super speed.
Didn’t find your city in the application? Follow our news on social networks. We will soon start delivering in Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv, and later in whole of Ukraine.

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