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Detail descriptions of above-mentioned features are as follows:

• Portfolio
Merolagani NEPSE App will update portfolio.

• Newsletter
User can view daily and weekly newsletter by using Merolagani NEPSE App. Daily Newsletter contains the important news, NEPSE weather along with market scenario, suggestions, market expectations, technical aspects, market index etc. Similarly, the Weekly Newsletter displays the weekly chart of NEPSE, daily candlestick chart, stock hold/buy/sell suggestions and recommendation for investors.

• Podcast
This application allows user to listen a podcast regarding the Merolagani News, Share Gossips, Share Education, Training etc. The podcast is a downloadable audio file that anyone can listen to at any time.

• Data Analytics
This application provides the Data Analytics feature to users. Data Analytics is a revolutionary product that combines Stock Market Summary, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Floorsheet Analysis, Announcement and News, Mutual Fund Tracker and Virtual Trading to provide investors a detailed insight into a stock, which will ultimately help investors to make better buy or sell decisions.

• Virtual Trading
User can access the virtual trading feature using Merolagani NEPSE App. Virtual trading is a service package, which provides information about the share investment. In virtual trading, traders can practice investing without using real money. System provides virtual money to the registered users, which they invest on virtual share market.

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