Metabolic Pathways

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• Learn and practice the individual steps of 30 important biochemical pathways (e. g. citrate cycle, urea cycle, pentose phosphate pathway, glycolysis, gluconeogenesis and others)

• The metabolites and the enzymes of a pathway are arranged randomly and can be brought into the correct order by drag and drop. This makes it easier to learn the correct order of the pathway.

• The correctness of the chosen arrangement, as well as the correct solution can be displayed at any time.

• The operation is self-explanatory and intuitively understandable.

• This app is aimed at students of biochemistry, medicine, biology, chemistry, biotechnology and pharmacy.


• Learn more than 300 metabolites from 30 different biochemical metabolic pathways: Aldosterone Synthesis, Amino acid Degradation, Amino acid Synthesis, Arg-Pro-Gln Degradation, Beta oxidation, C4 pathway, Calvin cycle, Chorismate Synthesis, Citric acid cycle, Cortisol Synthesis, Epinephrine Synthesis, Fatty acid synthesis, Fructose Metabolism, Gluconeogenesis, Glutathione Synthesis, Glycolysis, Glyoxylate cycle, Heme Degradation, Heme Synthesis, Histidine Degradation, IMP-AMP Degradation, Ketogenesis, Ketone bodies Synthesis, Pentose phosphate pathway, Phe-Tyr Synthesis, Phenylalanine Degradation, Testosterone Synthesis, Threonine Degradation, Urea cycle, XMP-GMP Degradation.

• You can display the name of the metabolite or its structural formula.

• You can display the name of the enzyme or its EC number.

• The structural formulas of the metabolites can be zoomed by double tap gesture or by press-and-hold gesture, in order to reveal details. The names of the metabolites and enzymes can be zoomed in the same way.

• No registration is required.

• No telemetry data are recorded!

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