Mexicani - המקסיקני

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The "Mexicani" restaurant is the first tortilla restaurant to open in the south
And the first original to be opened in Israel which really emphasizes the authenticity of Mexican food and the warm and fast serving form.

Today, the chain has 26 branches in Be'er Sheva and other cities around the country, and the hand is still slanted.
The design of the place is reminiscent of a Mexican street and a bar that stretches along its length.

The kitchen is an open kitchen and all the preparation steps of the dish are done to the customers' highest level,
The products are made in ancient recipes, the vegetables and meats are fresh and the salads are cut during the day.

The "Mexicani" restaurant is of the utmost importance to give a unique and genuine taste experience to the customers of the application as well

- Delivery order * Limited distribution area
- Invite and pay on the way to the restaurant - Skip the queue and save valuable time!

You are guaranteed the next order will be even faster,
With the ability to save personal favorites, order history, and previous order loading

tortilla משלוחים אוכל טוב


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