Mind Reader - The Wizard Can Guess What You Are Thinking

发行商: Khoa Tran
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Check out this AMAZING mind reading game!

This is how the cool Wizard will read your mind:
- First think of a number with two digits. For example 34.
- Now add the two digits of the number together. For example 3+4=7.
- Next, subtract the new number from your original number. For example 34-7=27.
- Finally, look at the symbol next to your number and remember it.
- Next step: there is no next step, the Wizard just guessed your symbol correctly every time! ;)

Amazing, isn't it?
If you get totally addicted, we offer an in-app purchase to reveal the magic secret of mind reading!

• Mind reading.
• Vivid graphics.
• Crazy & addictive game.
• In-app purchase: remove ads and reveal the magic secret.
• Share on popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter.

Please note that this app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true mind reading functionality.

Please rate us and give us great feedback if you like this app, miss something or would like to see a new feature!

Download Now and Enjoy!

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