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Se Hvem

发行商: Telenor Norge
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Want to have better control of who is calling you? Download Se Hvem and get full control of unknown numbers, and all of Norway, Sweden and Denmark in your contact list.

With Se Hvem you have access to all numbers and addresses in Norway, Sweden and Denmark in addition of having full control over who is actually contacting you. The app also ensures that all of your important contacts are safely stored in the cloud. In addition to all this, it also gives you option to reserve yourself against telemarketing.

Se Hvem is available for everyone – independently of which operator you have.

1. Use our number lookup to search on numbers, names and addresses

2. Use our number lookup to find directions and shortest routes to your destinations

3. Check if the phone number is associated with Fraud calls or telesales.

4. Take backup of your contacts and easily transfer them to a new phone when that time comes

5. Update your contacts with additional information like addresses and full name

6. Reserve yourself against telemarketing

7. Merge identical duplicates in your contact list

8. Scan contact information from business cards and other documents

Who’s hiding behind the unknown number? With number lookup from Se Hvem, you can easily search on names, numbers and addresses and see who is contacting you. Se Hvem will also do a check to see if the number is associated with fraud calls or telesales. All of this without needing to have the number saved.

With Se Hvem downloaded on your phone, you can easily share a number straight from the call history with Se Hvem, or just open the app and do a search. Se Hvem will let you know who the number belongs to and you can then choose if you want to call back or not.

When you search for a name or a number in Se Hvem, the search functionality searches first through your local contacts, and if it doesn’t find the name or number you are searching for, then it lets you extend the search to cover the whole of Norway. Should you want to update your contact with additional information like address? This can be easily done with only one click. It has never been easier to get a complete contact list.

With Se Hvem you can easily create a backup of your entire contact list. The contacts will be safely stored in our cloud and easily accessible for you from multiple devices and web. It’s never been easier to transfer contacts from one phone to another. You simply download Se Hvem to your new phone and press “Sync” to get all of your contacts from the cloud to your new phone. Se Hvem is the only service that works seamlessly between different platforms and totally independently of which phone you are using. It is also the only service that can synchronize and backup contacts from all contact sources on your phone.

With Se Hvem, you can easily reserve yourself against telemarketing. Simply download Se Hvem, click on Reservation in the menu and follow the steps to reserve yourself.

NOTE: Number lookup is a subscription service that needs to be activated. We give you the first month for free so that you get the time to test how it works.

As a Telenor customer, you can get the number lookup service for 49kr per month.

If you are not a Telenor customer, then you can get the service for 49kr per month. The service is a subscription service that has automatic renewal and needs to be purchased through your iTunes account. You can at any time cancel your subscription through your iTunes account, but please keep in mind that you have to cancel your subscription no later than 24 hours prior renewal.

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