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Ministry Diary is an application designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses to organise their ministry. It allows users to set reminders, note call details and maintain accurate records of activity for their field service reports.

Never forget an appointment again…
* Easily schedule reminders of appointments you have made for Bible Studies or Return Visits.
* Add alerts to your reminders to be displayed in Notification Center.
* View a list of your reminders in order of date and time.

Keep a track of your calls…
* Note contact details for your calls including address, phone numbers and email.
* View your call’s contact details, reminders and entire visit history (including placements and video showings) on one page.
* Adding Placements and Video Showings is easy! Ministry Diary will automatically remember the publication names you have entered previously and allows you to select these from a simple drop down list.
* Placements, Video Showings, Return Visits and Bible Studies added inside the call will automatically update your field service report for that month.
* Easily phone, text or email your call directly from the application and view their address in Apple Maps.
* Quickly sort your calls by name, city or date last visited; or manually sort by priority flag. Alternatively, view your calls on a map in relation to your current location.
* Quickly share your calls with others via email.

View your Field Service Report…
* View your field service reports formatted to match the new S-4 report slip.
* Within each report, you can enter and view activity for that month including Hours (field service or credit), Visits, Placements and Video Showings. Any visits added through the Calls section will also be displayed for you to review.
* Manually update your total number of Placements, Video Showings, Return Visits or Bible Studies quickly and easily.
* Ministry Diary gives you the option to automatically carry forward part hours to the following month.
* Email or text your field service report to your group overseer from within the application.

Sync to all your devices...
* Ministry Diary has built in iCloud functionality that automatically and securely synchronises your data to the cloud. This means you can access the same Ministry Diary data on any of your Apple mobile or tablet devices!

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