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Мир. Политическая карта

发行商: AGT Geocentre
价格: 3.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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We present a digital version of the political wall map of the world. It was created by a renowned publishing house AGT Geocenter. The edition is realized in the unique style of the company—the style that was acknowledged as one of the best in the world.
Countries and territories are shown in different colours, their names and borders are indicated. Inhabited places are shown taking into account their population and political and administrative statuses.
Main railway and road networks are presented.
The map is unique due to the amount of information it features.
It features info on each country: flag, capital, area, population.
Insets feature information on such international organizations as UN, EU, G7 and G20, WTO, CIS, NATO, SCO and others.
Printed editions have something magical, something that does not exist in their electronic equivalents. They were created by living people, who laboured over each centimeter of the map, they were not created by robots. We decided to combine these achievements of the print editions with the new possibilities of contemporary electronic platforms.
Our app is not intended as a replacement for GPS navigators, Apple Maps, GоogleMaps, YandexMaps, etc. This is why you can transit from any map section to a corresponding section of a service of your choosing (Apple Maps, Gоogle Maps, YandexMaps) and back again.
Highlights of the app:
- You can work in off-line mode.
- You can navigate your way to any desired map section through the traditional index map or simply by turning pages.
- You have the ability to magnify individual parts of a map, search features and bookmark interesting pages.
- You have the ability to add your own information to the map (comments, addresses, telephone numbers – including the ability to dial directly from within the app).
- When using the app in an online mode, you can transit from any map section to a corresponding section of a service of your choosing (Apple Maps, Gоogle Maps, YandexMaps) and back again.
The advantages of the electronic version of the atlas:
- The maps are of as a high a quality as the paper editions – but they are less expensive. Plus as you use them, they do not bend, tear or become lost at the most inopportune moment.
- The ease with which you can search, magnify and examine details, add notes and additional information – utilizing the power and features of today’s devices.
The quality and art of traditional paper maps is being replaced by much less attractive automated digital maps. Our app brings these excellent paper maps into the mobile age, helping to ensure they continue to provide you with both knowledge and enjoyment – it would be a tragedy if they were relegated only to libraries, inaccessible to most people. We want to give a second life to paper maps. This app is for people who love good old printed maps and want to go with the times.


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