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MLG Soundboard Ultimate Memes

发行商: El Dorado Apps LLC
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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MLG Soundboard Ultimate Memes is the dankest Soundboard on the App Store, with endless MLG Memes and features m8.

Prepare for the meme archive of your life as we explore Operation Dankstorm and the roadmap to find it deep in the lands of Kekistan. Finding this particular archive was the mission of the Secret Society.

The society came to the entrance of a dark cave. Low rumbling and howls emanated from the deep black void. The squeak of a unicycle broke through the eerie ambiance as a small green tree frog wheeled himself out in front of the visitors. “WADDUP”, he asked. As he stood still at the entrance of the dark cave. A brief moment of quietness elapsed, as the dankologists exchanged some low whispers as they prepared to communicate with the unicycle frog. They began to crank dat, but the frog sat expressionless. He then turned around and wheeled away back into the dark. The dankologists were confused. Did he want a default dance? No. He wheeled out momentarily, grasping the loot box between his tiny hands. A large voice loomed out, the meme overlord army coming to capture the loot box was mobilizing across the arid desert. "DESTROY THE CHILD. CORRUPT THEM ALL." said the Overlord. Meme minions with Mtn Dew cannons came in overwhelming numbers. The green tree frog dropped the loot box and wheeled away. We knew we were outnumbered, but there was hope, for it was a Double XP weekend. A crack rang through the air as the first line crumbled suddenly. Harambe emerged, standing mighty and high. I was awestruck as echoes of children screamed "collateral!” A hail and thicket of hitmarkers followed, leaving the enemy opposition pwned, humiliated as they awaited their killcam.

Before reinforcements could arrive, Harambe galloped towards us and yanked me behind a boulder. “You must get out of here before the enemy AC-130 arrives” Harambe said. Sanic's army was approaching fast. “You must go. Take the loot box with you." Crouching down. Harambe placed a hand onto my shoulder. I glanced at his hairy hand and then widely back at him. "Come with us, Harambe. You are wanted back home”. Harambe firmly nodded. His noble gaze met my stunned eyes. I feared I knew his answer. “I must defend Kekistan.” He downed his can of Dew and turned to face the enemy. I chose not to look back. For if I did, I would've stayed with him.

I heard the sound of a bullet whipping through flesh. Harambe let out a beserk roar, bearing his teeth as he proceeded to dual wield akimbo Interventions. We knew we didn’t have much time. The sand was blowing harder into our ankles as the chopper blades began to spin faster and faster until it was no longer in rhythm with our heartbeats. They sank into our chest as the chopper started lifting from the ground. Weightlessness overcame me as I leaped through the dust clouds to grab the handle of our friendly chopper gunner. The dankologists glanced at me in horror, unable to keep up. I pulled a wombo combo to jump off and ricochet back to the helicopter with the dankologists safely in my grasp. Their expressions were stuck in silent screams, drowned out by the thunder of Harambe’s heroics.

Harambe was honored in a ceremony back home, where he was awarded the Meme of Honor. I turned to face his statue. The fierceness of his glorious dab contrasted the calm quiet autumn winds. Nevertheless, he rocked it until the wheels fell off. He dropped it like it was hot. His commitment to memes in life and service earned him his prestige. On the bottom of his statue were three simple words, decorated with engraved leaves.

The great features of MLG Soundboard Ultimate Edition include:
1. Slash, gash, and quickscope your way through HD Swagalicious Sound Effects!
2. Speed, Pitch, and Silent Switch Controls!
3. RKO the ads and disable them!
4. Favorites list m8 for your convenience!
5. Completely FREE!

Have some feedback for the app? 1v1 me skrub. Leave a review to let us know what dankness we missed out on and what we can improve.


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