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Mo Chéad Fhocail

发行商: StoryToys Entertainment Limited
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“Clear illustrations and multiple language options, combined with StoryToys’ famous ease of use and 3D popup pages, make this ""visual dictionary"" an outstanding addition to any early reader's iPad. ...The pedagogy works -- it helps you explore new words while reinforcing those you already know.”
- Children’s Technology Review (Editor’s Choice Award)

Folens and StoryToys are proud to present Mo Chéad Fhocail, an early learning app designed for young children. Mo Chéad Fhocail will delight and encourage children as they learn their first words in Irish using a combination of superb, colourful photographs, simple word labels and friendly narration. It's also a great way to teach children another language, with the option to add a second language that you'd like to see and hear from a choice of English, French, German, Spanish or Chinese.

Mo Chéad Fhocail is just like a real book. Each page is introduced with a playful rhyme, while bright and colorful images magically pop-up in each 3D scene. When children tap a picture, they see and hear the word for it, making this a powerful tool for learning new words as well as reinforcing those they already know.

The book covers key concepts such as numbers and colors as well as objects grouped into 14 different categories including animals, vehicles and things around the home. Interactive quizzes at the end of the book are a fun and satisfying way for children to solidify and reinforce their learning.

Mo Chéad Fhocail is part of StoryToys’ Touch, Look Listen series and includes the following features:
● Full 3D experience - just like a real book
● 14 interactive 3D pop-up scenes and over 100 words
● Choice of Irish, English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese as either primary or secondary language
● Fully narrated in each language by professional actors
● Stunning and highly-detailed photographs showing objects as they are in real life
● Featuring a calming soundtrack and fun sound effects such as animal noises and vehicles

● Winner of 11 Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Awards
● Two iLounge awards for best kids’ app
● Winner of two Mom’s Choice gold and silver awards
● Shortlist nominations for the FutureBook Digital Innovation Award
● Best Kids’ App Ever winner
● Longlisted for the DBW Publishing innovation award (children’s book category)


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