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Please, carefully read this entire description before of purchasing.
By purchasing this application you accept the limitations in iOS.

Mobile Expenses gives you REAL TIME self-control of the consumption of your iOS device to easily manage your expenses. Mobile Expenses allows you to set local and roaming counter limits and alarms for calls and data consumption. You no longer overtake your plan and you will have INDEPENDENT records of your calls and data usage, so you will be able to check with your carrier’s bill.

Take advantage of the introducing PROMOTION!

All the proceeds are performed with the application open. The user will receive a warning if the app is closed and it needed to open it again to continue record.
Mobile Expenses provide you with:

- Easy to set LIMITS configurator (minutes, MB) to track monthly consumption on applied to Network Carrier Data, Outgoing calls, Roaming Network Carrier Data, Roaming Outgoing Calls and Roaming Incoming Calls.

- Consumption STATS BAR with month-to-date consumption, to allow you to control your plans minutes and MB left to consume. You can set different bars for calls and data.

- Complete set of ALARM systems, that allow you to set up 3 different limits to be applied to Network Carrier Data, Outgoing calls, Roaming Network Carrier Data, Roaming Outgoing Calls and Roaming Incoming Calls.


- FILE Export to your email including your connections and consumptions to be compared with your carriers’ monthly bill.

- Geopositioning details of incoming and outgoing calls, thru a GPS to know where your consumption were done.

- Setting up feature of your month-to-date period, clearing up past period acumulated consumption at the beginning of new billing period.
Be sure to update your app as soon as we add new features.

For any questions, problems, suggestions, please contact us on our forum: to help.

We are also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or email:

For Enterprise Solutions visit:

The application works in the background to alarm the user when it has exceeded the limits.

The use of Geopositioning service is to inform the user about the position where the connection has been made to let the user watch out about the additional charges on the bill.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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