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Mobile Oscilloscope

发行商: Huaiwei Zhang
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This application turns your phone into a powerful handheld oscilloscope for audio signal analysis (professionals can also use for circuit analysis).
The signal parameters can be displayed in detail, including: maximum value, minimum value, average value, effective value and frequency, and the frequency measurement is very accurate.
There are multiple trigger modes. The trigger modes are: automatic mode, normal trigger and single trigger; the trigger edges are: rising edge trigger, falling edge trigger, rising or falling edge trigger, jump trigger and differential trigger; the trigger value can be selected.
With the measurement function, it is freely measured in the horizontal and vertical directions, gesture operation, easy to use.
Waveforms can be freely zoomed with gestures or buttons.
Supports interface color selection.
Has a storage depth of 10 seconds.

This application is normally used for audio signal measurement without any risk.

Circuit measurement special instructions:
Professionals can use this application for circuit measurements and the electrical signal is input via the microphone channel of the headset.
Please pay attention to safety: You must have enough professional knowledge. The high voltage circuit must go through the isolator and attenuator. Conventional low-voltage circuits must also add an attenuator and then enter the phone.
Circuit measurement is risky and the author of this application will not be liable for any loss of personnel or equipment resulting from the correct or incorrect use of this application.


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