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Application MobilePay is for customers of Tatra banka. For activation please use PID and password used for login to Internet banking.

Thanks to this application:
• you make secure e-commerce transactions using one-time card number
• you have all your cards in one place - debit, credit, private and business
• you can manage your card settings on-line
• thanks to My Benefit programme you can get attractive discounts at selected merchants
• you can display PIN code of your plastic card anytime you need

Application is available from iOS 10.

Upon activation you need to enter PID and password for Internet banking and then enter your code from Card & Reader tool or ReaderTB application (functionality Signature).

Then application will prompt you to set your PIN. This will be required when using some of the application functionalities.

• secure e-commerce payments using one-time card number
• My Benefit loyalty programe
• MyDoctor: Get medical diagnostics thanks to exclusive Credit Card benefit
• Show PIN
• overview of card transactions
• on-line card management (setting of limits and allowed continents)
• fast card blocking
• card activation
• change card name

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

mobile pay tatra banka mobile payment karta kabor kartei banka


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