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Mojeeb مجيب - Food Delivery

发行商: Mojeeb
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Requesting online made straightforward and quick. Download the free MOJEEB application and gain admittance to more than a large number of conveyance eateries straight from your cell phone or tablet. Request Food online in Oman.
Enough sitting idle scanning for an eatery telephone number for appropriate menus to make a request. You can peruse and channel types an eatery menus close you utilizing the MOJEEB application. Look at food pictures before adding them to your truck, redo your sustenance the manner in which you need it and locate the most recent advancements and arrangements across the board put. Pay, money down, get the entryway and make the most of your sustenance!

MOJEEB APP for Faster Home Delivery:
• Select a food item from the menu alongside costs
• Select a possibility for home delivery, and Add your request to the cart and after that fill the required form
• Our Delivery kid reach at your given area and all installments Cash on delivery
• For any assistance contact with client administrations, a specialist is accessible all day, every day.

We would love to get notification from you, let us know your contemplations and recommendation. You are so significant for us and give us criticism whenever to the enhancement of the application. For more data, you may get in touch with us.
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يمكنك اختيار احد المطاعم التي ترغب بها ثم الاختيار من قائمه الطعام المتوفره بسهوله ويسر مع اَي إضافات ترغب بها ثم اكمل عميله الطلب و اختيار طريقه الدفع الانس لك مع التأكيد على ضروره ادخال رقم هاتفك وبياناتك الصحيحة

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