Mole Remover - Erase a blemish

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Do you want to remove that annoying mole off your face before you use that photo on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram?

Mole Remover uses advanced image analysis technology (Spot Finder 2.1 Engine) found in some of our other products, to not just "BLUR" your photo like so many other apps, but instead target the actual moles and allow us to seamlessly remove the mole or blemish, whilst keep the image as real and natural.

With Mole Remover™ it’s so simple:

1) Choose your photo
2) Locate the Mole you want to remove
3) Remove it

You can do this to as many moles's or blemishes as you like, and when you are 100% satisfied with the photo, save a copy to your phone.

*This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true mole removal functionality, only functionality to remove them from a photo not your real face.*

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