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Molkky Skittle Game

发行商: Pix Arts
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: Mac, iPhone & iPad


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Mölkky is a game of skill in which the goal is to score exactly fifty points by knocking down pins numbered 1 through 12 with a throw of a wooden stick.

This Mölkky game can be played solo against the computer or in local multiplayer.

The player throws the Mölkky into the pins. The player's score depends on the number of pins knocked down:

If he knocks down a pin, he scores the value of the pin;
If he knocks down several pins, he scores the number of pins knocked down (if all the pins knock down, the player scores twelve points);
If a pin is not completely down on the ground and is balanced on another pin or on the mölkky (the thrower), it is not counted.
Fallen pins are then raised on their feet, numbered facing the throwing area, right where they are and without lifting them off the ground. Thus the configuration of the playing area changes. Each player takes a turn at throwing and as many turns are taken as necessary.

The winner is the one who scores exactly 50 points. If this mark is exceeded, the player or team score drops to 25.

So as the 50 points are approached, the player must be careful to knock down only the pin(s) that will cause the player to reach the 50 points by value (if only one pin falls) or number (if more than one pin falls). For example, if his score is 48, the player must knock down any two pins or the number 2 pin and only that one pin. If the score is 49, the only solution is to knock down the number 1 pin and no other pins.

The first player or team to reach 50 points wins the game.

Main features:
-Full 3D
-AAA Graphic Engine
-AAA Physic Engine
-6 skittle sets with different physical parameters
-4 Sceneries
-From one to 4 players


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