MoLoNewTo - quiz about capitals and countries

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Do you know all the capitals and understand geography? Then MoLoNewTo game for you! More than two hundred countries gathered in one application. The diverse mix of the most tricky questions is waiting for you.

You'll be able to distinguish between Côte d'Ivoire from Togo? And what about Japan or Korea? Yup! A North or South? Questions about the capital city in the game is what we love with our very childhood. Neither quiz will not be repeated twice!
You can always challenge your friends and compete with them forces, prove that it is you the most intelligent and resourceful.

Each quiz consists of 15 questions. As it is impossible to lose, but scored a record number of points is almost impossible. Doubling, tripling, even a five-fold combo only by the smartest players. Perhaps this is you? Then Play MoLoNewTo and prove that this game is for you!

Great game to test your knowledge. The city, the capital of the country - all to develop and learn new and interesting. Try it, test yourself, find out how much you know capitals, and compare the results with others. Is Moscow the capital of Russia, is it always does it rain in London? New York is the administrative center of the United States, or, perhaps, Tokyo is actually in South Korea? And what in the capital of Spain? Have fun and good luck!

Join now and you will certainly become a true expert in geography!

Reviews from our players speak for themselves :)

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