Mommy & Daughter Ice Skating Spa - Family Makeover

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"Winter can be the perfect time for a family outing to the skating rink. A mother-daughter day on the ice is sure to bring you closer together. Why not get ready in style before hitting the ice?
You and your daughter are going to have such a fun time ice skating today. However, before you go, you should have some fun with a makeover at the salon. Start off with some relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments that will make your skin glow like a pearl under the lights off the rink. A makeup makeover is next on your list of things-to-do before leaving. Put on the trendiest makeup, and then pick out the best skating outfit to complete your overall look. You’ll be hitting the ice in style as a mother-daughter duo.
How to Play:
• Today is going to be a family day with a fun family outing for you and your daughter
• Get ready for fun at the salon
• Spa treatments are always a great first step to total relaxation
• Follow that up with a makeup makeover to make you feel great
• Dress up in a great skating outfit to look your best
• Go out on that ice and have a great time together!
The family bond between mother and daughter can be very strong, and a great way to strengthen it further is with a fun outing like going ice skating. Download today to get started!

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