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Mommy's New Baby Salon 2

发行商: Ninjafish Studios
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***Over 1+ Million Downloads! Fun New Update Includes +11 New Levels, New Game Features, Animations and Much More!!***
Come play with mommy, daddy, baby and the family in a super fun adventure!!

Level 1: Help Mommy look her best with make-up! Brush hair and more!

Level 2: Decorate the nursery room on a beautiful sunny day! Setup the crib and more! Tap the lamp to turn lights on and off!

Level 3: Mommy care! Feed mommy yummy snacks, cookies and chocolates.

Level 4: Play with the rainbow unicorn pony at the magic princess castle!! Create an amazing makeover!

Level 5: Help Mommy look beautiful and give daddy a new makeover! Once you are ready go to the limo!

Level 6: Cute new baby! Let's change baby diapers, play with the baby and much more.

Level 7: Baby toy doctor! Have so much fun! She is so cute!

Level 8: Baby bubble bath time before the big party!

Level 9: Happy 1st Birthday! Let's go to the park for a picnic. Eat cake, blow out candles and have lots of fun!

*Level 10: Care for the twins & prepare the baby crib with the mommy, daddy and big sister!!

*Level 11: Go to the park and play with the twins!

*Level 12: Decorate the room and play face-painting!

*Level 13: Care for mommy, eat yummy snacks and clean-up!

*Level 14: Help fix the broken down minivan!! Change the tire, wash the van and much more!

*Level 15: Care for the baby and help mommy!

*Level 16: Play with daddy and the baby!!

*Level 17: Let's eat a snack! Feed the baby and drink milk!

*Level 18: Bubble bath time with the cute twins!

*Level 19: Play with the twins and care for the babies!

*Level 20: Feed the twins and play with a baby friend!!

*Please note that levels 10-20 must be purchased separately.
*Also please note that Mommy's New Baby Salon 2 is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items and remove ads with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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