Money Planner Pro - personal finance, account tracker, budget planner

发行商: Vadim Gladkih
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Money Planner Pro is your new virtual assistant, which will greatly facilitate your home accounting.
With this application, you can get an instant overview of your income and expenses on the go, build visual charts, make notes in the integrated calendar, set reminders, use the calculator to work out costs, and much more.

Manage your finances on the go!

Key benefits:
• Get an overview of your income and expenses in just two clicks
• Geolocation and built-in map will show you exactly where you spent your money
• Add picture notes or photos of receipts to new records
• Browse the history of expenses and income presented in the form of visual infographics
• For maximum ease of writing, use the keyboard calculator
• Use the filter to search for expenses and income
• Reminders will not let you forget to record your income and expenses on time

You also will be able to:
• Browse the history of your expenses and income
• Keep track of the balance for each account
• Add multi-currency wallets
• Completely change your categories
• Protect your personal data with a password
• Create the reports as quickly and easily as possible

MoneyPlanner Pro Features:
• Simple and intuitive interface
• Control with gestures
• Fast operation
• Support for more than 100 currencies
• Reminders
• Support for iOS 9
• Backup/Restore Data

We are looking forward to your suggestions and comments, which will to help us to make the application even better and more convenient for you.


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