Moneyboard: Budget money spent

发行商: Damien Vieira
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Moneyboard is the easiest way to track your income and expenses. It’s a powerful personal finance app, intuitive and easy to navigate to get your balance in just with a few taps or swipes.

With Moneyboard you can easily see reports with all incoming and out coming flows. You can filter your transactions by week, month or year and with a simple swipe you just go to next or previous date filter.

Moneyboard is secure, so you can keep your finance away from prying eyes.

Key Features:
• Fast and easy to add expenses or income
• iCloud Synchronization
• Create your own categories
• Supports multiple accounts
• Recurring expenses or income entries
• Charts to better track your expenses and income
• Check your entries sorted by date, amount, category or name
• Dynamic graphs to better see your balance
• Private and Secure with a password protection
• Support different currencies
• Customizable categories
• Set your monthly budget when your month starts
• Reminders to never forget to add your daily expenses
• Export you costs and incoming from a selected period
• And many more features will come…

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