Monster Police Robot Moto Car Chase

发行商: Goher Javed
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Are you interested in motorcycle games? Enjoy this newest concept of a magnificent mixture of motorbike with robot transformation game. Police Moto Robot Car Chase game has highlights of splendidly detailed simulation of bike into heroic robot. Drive smoothly your motorcycle but once you identify the threat start firing from your motorcycle, you can also convert instantaneously into a robot and start fighting to defeat your enemies. Police Moto Robot Car Chase is an amazing blend of robot moto bike riding, robot transformation into bike, criminal car chase and car destruction adventure. There is an epic police robot transformation into heavy police bike with super firing power that will destroy the criminals in car completely. You need to be the real hero of grand city and save civilians from chaos and destruction caused by the evil gang. Move your police moto bike on grand city roads showing some deadly stunts to chase the escaping criminal car. Don’t let the criminal car gang escape in front of you.
Rescue citizens from criminals with your police robotic skills. Its machine age, criminals has advanced, meet them with your best techniques. Be the extreme futuristic police robot moto bike stunt rider and chase the super car furiously, open rapid fire till the car gets completely destroyed and become the best police superhero of your grand city.

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