Monstercomet Cargo Plane - Flight Simulator - Learn to Fly

发行商: Paulina Miazga
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价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Monstercomet Cargo Plane - Flight Simulator - Learn to Fly.

Fly one of the most versatile aircraft in the world. Explore the various regional environments, build up your flying skills and enhance your experience further.

Monstercomet Cargo Plane - Flight Simulator offers the latest in next-gen high console quality graphics with ultimate accurate touch inputs, plane motions and movements. Experience the most perfect flight representation developed directly for your iOS device.

Prepare for the real experience of flying a aircraft over jungles, forests and cities. Real world accuracy with wind movements, terrain reaction, and weather changing scenarios.

• Ultra realistic flight physics
• Full iPad Retina support
• Realistic 3D virtual cockpit details and dials
• High resolution aerial terrain analysis
• Display terrain features like mountains, lakes and cities for easy navigation
• 10+ different view modes for all aspects of the aircraft
• Most advanced aircraft performance and movements
• And much more in development

If you liked Monstercomet Cargo Plane - Flight Simulator, we love hearing from you, so send us your feedback and improvements and we will try to implement all new features into updates. So please, feel free to contact us to give your feedback!

Recent Improvements:
• Improved maps with new areas to explore and fly to
• Bug fix with controls and more accurate flight modes
• Better HD graphics now in game
• Performance update
• Small bug fix with battery life improvements

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