Moonzy: Kid Game for Toddler

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When it comes to teaching, Moonzy is the best!
So come by, have fun and learn, be smarter than the rest!

An educative Moonzy: Games for Kids is a set of 6 topics to learn! With Moonzy and his friends, kids will learn about:
- Animals such as cats, dogs, cows, goats, rabbits, monkeys, squirrels, and many others!
- Sea creatures like sharks, whales, dolphins, crayfish, killer whales, shrimps, turtles, and pufferfish!
- Fruit, vegetables and berries: peas, pumpkins, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, strawberries, beet, potatoes, cucumbers, plums, and corn!
- Means of transport: Moonzy will tell you all about trucks, tractors, ships, scooters, trains, rockets, bicycles, trolleybuses, cars, and planes!
- Musical instruments. The kid will know how different instruments sound: the guitar, the maraca, the accordion, the drums, the saxophone, the trumpet, the piano, the violin, the harp, and the balalaika!

And many other things!

Who eats fish? What colour are plums? What sound does the guitar make?

Kids will learn more about animals, the sounds they make and what they eat;
They will also discover the sea world and its inhabitants;
They will see what means of transport there are;
Or turn into a musician and play musical instruments;
And see that fruit and vegetables there are, then learn to tell food from inedible objects!
Every topic includes minigames to consolidate knowledge:
- Guessing an object by its outline;
- Hearing the sound and telling who or what makes it;
- Putting objects in the pictures in their places.

Our educative game, Moonzy: Games for Kids, is designed specifically for kids, with their parents being able to get their kids to learn and play at any time! The app's simple interface is suitable for the youngest players! Kids will remember useful information in a playful way and day by day will learn more about the world around us!

Learn and play with Moonzy!

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