Moose Hunting Blood Tracker - Moose Hunting App

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Never lose a moose blood trail again!

The Moose Hunting Blood Tracker - Moose Hunting App allows you to mark and visualize the blood trail of moose you have shot making it simple to track and find your moose and big game.

This moose hunting gps app tracker is perfect for any moose hunter who wants to improve their chances of finding wounded moose they have shot in the field.

You no longer have to worry about losing the blood trail as you can simply place a hunting gps marker on each place you find blood making it easy to visualize the trail of the moose and track it until you find your moose.

- Place blood drops on the GPS map as you track your moose so you never lose the last spot you found blood

- Moose Hunting GPS overlay of your current location to visualize the direction the moose is traveling

- Blood trail markers are set in order starting at number 1 and increasing as you track your game

- Check the direction of your moose in advance of pursuing the moose so you can pick the best approach

- GPS blood trackers clearly indicated on screen

- Save your blood trail when it gets dark outside so you can easily resume your moose hunt tracking of moose in the morning

- Satellite view is perfect for identifying your surrounding terrain and planning how to retrieve your moose

- Impress your hunting buddies as a moose hunting tracker and big game tracker because you can use the hunting gps to find more moose

- One of the best moose hunting apps to bring with you on your next moose hunt

Download Moose Hunting Blood Tracker - Moose Hunting App and start having moose hunting success today!

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